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Anyone one can start selling second-hand items online. Have a good look around the house, cupboards, under the bed, junk room, garden shed and garage. Look for things that you have not used in last 14 months and do not intend to use in next 6 months.
Make a list of items. Clean the chosen items as a courtesy and increase the ability to sell it quickly. Then take some good photos of each item from few angles in a well lit room.
Check out selling platforms such as 9 Rivers Australia, Gumtree, E-bay etc for the potential price of the items. Whilst exploring, it is important you consider just how much postage or shipping would be and what you may charge the buyer. Check out Australia Post's postage calculator.
Consider the mode of payment that you will accept, cash on pickup, PayPal, bank transfer are the most widely used ways for second-hand items at this time.
List items along with photos on your preferred platform and communicate with your potential buyers. Be prompt in replying the messages. Stay safe online and educate yourself by reading Staying safe online and Scam watch on 9 Rivers Australia.
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